New Resources, New Projects: What’s New at Lehman

The LTLC is off to a great start this spring with new and ongoing projects. The Math Department faculty, Math Lab tutors, and WAC participating faculty in upper division writing intensive course received a CUNY grant for nearly $40,000 to introduce high impact practices in faculty mentoring, in-class tutoring, and tutor training. A combination of workshops, trainings, and tutoring sessions will be implemented in the three programs between February and June.

Our new faculty orientation seminars in the fall were a hit—21 of 27 new faculty participated in discussing Lehman and CUNY resources with representatives from faculty, staff, and student programs. Our new faculty are continuing their freshman year at Lehman with a series of workshops this spring on research, teaching, service, and preparation for their first Dean’s Review. All seminars and workshops are peer-focused with an emphasis on discussion and collaborative learning. The new faculty are working with resource ePortfolios on Digication to keep track of their professional development and service activities.

In Anatomy & Physiology, Assistant Professor Maryam Bamshad, Doctoral Lecturer Ayanna Alexander-Street, and Adjunct Lecturer Naliza Sadik are piloting experiential lab protocols in Anatomy & Physiology that require students to work with RealAnatomy, a software program designed by WileyPlus, and with group scenarios that ask students to apply their learning to real-life medical challenges. Maryam Bamshad is also piloting a hybrid lecture/lab course in Anatomy & Physiology 2 this term, with students taking half of their lecture sessions online.

In Education, Assistant Professor Amanda Gulla is leading a team of teachers in extending their professional development in teaching and learning about art, while in Chemistry, Professor Marc Lazarus, Assistant Professor Andrei Jitianu, and Senior College Lab Technician Sharif Elhakem are redesigning General Chemistry lab activities to integrate new technology and best practices for students in their courses.

These are only a few of Lehman’s teaching and learning projects for the spring. Faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to post news of their projects on the Commons group—we know there are stories to share!

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