“Fair, Approachable, Inspiring”: Lehman’s New Faculty Talk about Teaching

April’s New Faculty Workshops on Teaching brought together passionate teachers with much to share! We began each workshop by listing three words that described excellence in teaching on the whiteboard; we followed with a round-robin discussion of each list, making connections and extensions between our emphases.

From here, we began looking at two sets of questions, one designed to help faculty identify themselves in their teaching roles and one designed as a self-reflective inventory. We thought about what we would most like to teach and shared our most effective teaching strategies. We dreamed about the strategies we want to try and traded advice on how to make things work. We shared our best and worst examples of mentoring and were re-inspired by the humor, passion, and determination we bring to our work.

We argued with the faculty member who said his teaching was limited and “traditional” when we realized he meant that he did not use much technology in the classroom. He uses half a dozen teaching strategies every class and emphasizes student engagement—hardly traditional! We laughed when two professors gave each other tips on time management and then posed for the camera with one giving the other “rabbit ears” (to promote active listening). We shared our concerns for our students who are continually facing trauma and questions of balance between family, work, and studies.

Our final workshop for the spring will cover the Dean’s and Chair’s Review planning for the next two years. We will take a look at faculty resource and planning ePortfolios as we discuss departmental and divisional expectations. This year’s new faculty cohort will be ready!

The inventory and introductory questions are attached in the Files section of this group. Photos can be found at


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